Tips For Galveston DWI Offenders

Galveston, most times of the year, is a party town making DWI arrests a common phenomenon. If you ask a Galveston County Sheriff’s deputy or a Galveston Police Officer you’ll find my words repeated with confidence. Lets face it, people like to drink and indulge in the fun pleasures of the island without regard for if they will be able to safely operate a motor vehicle after they’ve been drinking or not.

Galveston DWI Resources

Affects of Alcohol

Sometimes, while drinking the full affects of the alcohol you’ve been drinking may not hit you till well after you’ve left the bar or pub where you’ve been drinking. If fact, most people don’t know that its 100% legal for a cop to enter a bar and arrest you for public intoxication. This is a loud and clear statement by the Texas legislature that people need to control their liquor regardless of the situation they are in, or face the penalties of the law.

We’ve All Done It

I have to admit that I am guilty of driving back to Houston from Galveston while under the influence of alcohol, but I wasn’t stopped by police for it. If you get stopped by police and found to intoxicated by breathalyzer, field sobriety testing, or by forced blood draw, you’re looking at a serious criminal offense that affect you by appearing a record on your criminal background in conjunction to the penalties of the charge.

First Offense DWI

If you’re charged with DWI for the first time you’re in serious trouble, but don’t panic. Its a rather light charge that you can successfully fight if you have good legal representation on your side. If you’re convicted of DWI for the first time, you’re looking at the following potential criminal penalties;

  • Up To A 2000.00 Monetary Fine,
  • A Jail Sentence of Anywhere From 3 days to 6 months,
  • and a suspension of your Texas Drivers License that can last from a period of 3 months to one year.

If you’re convicted in court for DWI in Galveston, you may not have to go to jail if your lawyer knows how to work the system. When talking with Tad Nelson of The Nelson Firm, you’ll find out that you may not have to serve jail time and may even be able to get probation with a chance of criminal record expungment depending on the details of the case as well as any other criminal history you may or may not have.

Second Offense Cases

If you’re arrested for DWI a second time in Galveston, Texas laws are a bit more strict when it comes to penalties an fines. You have to consider the fact that if a person hasn’t learned their lesson the first time then a more harsh punishment may be needed to get the message across of the illegality of drink driving in Texas. The criminal penalties for 2-time DWI convicts include a potential 4000.00 fine, up to 1 year in jail, and a 6 month to 2 year drivers license suspension.

3 Time DWI Offenders

People found guilty in the court of law for DWI the third must face the harsh realities of a felony conviction. This will mean penitentiary time bunked with killers, rapists, and violent offenders. The potential penalties for these criminal offenses can amount to up to 10 years in the prison system, a ten thousand dollar fine, and a drivers license suspension of up to 2 years. Although the drivers license suspension won’t mean much if you’re imprisoned for 10 years, its a nice touch.

Avoiding Drunk Driving in Galveston

There are a number of ways to stay out of the clutches of law enforcement when it comes to being arrested for driving while intoxicated or for a charge of public intoxication. You don’t always have to drive to your destination. Sometimes its best to ride with friends or catch a cab if you know you’ll be doing heavy drinking while partying or attending celebrations.

Even walking or catching a bus can help keep you from behind the wheel of a vehicle after you’ve been drinking. You could even do it big and rent a limousine or a charter bus and have added security knowing you are being driven by a professional driver, no matter how much you over-party. Taking advantage of these steps will ensure that no lives are loss as a result of a drunk driving accident, and that you are arrested and charged for DWI in Galveston, Texas.

Galveston DWI Resources

Below, we’ve listed a number of resources to help you learn more about Galveston, criminal law as it relates to drunk driving offenses, and important resources for a person who is in the unfortunate situation of having the endure the challenges that come along with being victimized as a result of a drunk driver, or dealing with the criminal ramifications related to such.

Remember, if you have a substance abuse problem of any kind, and yes this includes alcohol, then you need to get help as soon as you can before you further destroy your life and all you have worked for, or that of someone else. Some people don’t understand that fact that the party can’t go on forever, and these same people have to have the strength to make the best decision possible for themselves and their loves ones when the times or the situation calls for it.

We believe you can do it.

Taking the necessary steps to change your life will reward you forever and after you make that change, and reinvent yourself, you’ll be happy that you did.

There are a number of churches, support grounds, and state organizations that have been made available to help you in your quest to get over an alcohol addiction, or an addiction to other substances. Lawyers like Tad Nelson, and groups like the Bay Area Alcoholic Anonymous are always willing to invest time in you, and help you to overcomes any alcohol abuse problems you may have.

Tips For Galveston DWI Offenders

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