Houston DWI Charges Can Be Beat… with the Right Lawyer

Were you accused of a DWI offense in Houston?

If so, reach out to a top rated and qualified DWI lawyer as soon as possible. If you’re arrested for a drunk driving offense in Houston or elsewhere in Texas, you’ll lose your Texas Driver License via the immediate process of Administrative License Revocation, long before you’ve had an opportunity to enter or plea or have your chance in front of the judge. For this reason alone it’s important to retain legal representation to fight the administrative penalties that will be applied to your prior to any determination of guilt or innocence.

Guilty or Innocent, You Can Win

Houston & Texas DWI Charges Can Be Beat!

If you’re guilty, it doesn’t mean you should have serve a sentence at the Harris County Jail or be confined to a TDCJ operated facility. Even if you’re guilty, Attorney Tad A. Nelson, or another qualified Houston DWI lawyer should be able to help you successfully fight the criminal charge. If you’re innocent, it’s of the utmost importance that you find the best DWI attorney in Houston to represent you on your case. A Houston DWI charge can be beat any in many ways starting with the Constitutionality of the origination traffic stop. If the rights of the accused were violated in any way, then the court must dismiss the charge and throw out the case.

Looking for a Top DWI Lawyer in Houston?

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Attorney Tad A. Nelson is leading defense lawyer in Houston and is recognized as one of the best lawyers in Texas for defending people accused of Driving While Intoxicated. Whether you’re facing a misdemeanor 1st DWI charge or you made a disastrous mistake resulting in an intoxication manslaughter charge, our office has the ability and skill to successfully represent you on your case. We’ve won lots of tough case and we’re not about to roll over for prosecutors. If you’re in need of qualified legal representation for DWI or another criminal case in the Houston area, call Tad at 713-489-7373.

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